Accenture and HPE Deliver Intelligent Networks with Flexible Capacity Consumption-based Services

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By Dallas Powell, Accenture Alliance Enterprise Architect for HPE Solutions

Accenture and Hewlett Packard Enterprises have developed a next-generation network solution that is delivered "as-a-Service" that transforms IT by redefining network service velocity and operational efficiencies.   Intelligent Network is based upon standard architecture templates and HPE's Flexible Capacity, consumption-based services, that are designed to be delivered as a managed service by Accenture.

Intelligent Network uses Software Define and Distributed Cloud Networking to address the growing challenges for virtualized and cloud-based IT operations.  This solution enables and supports Accenture's "Everything-as-a-Service" model for the future of Intelligent Infrastructure Networks.

The challenges facing today's Enterprise IT Network groups are growing as they struggle to reduce costs and keep up with the demand for low-latency, secure and highly functional hybrid cloud networking solutions that fully enable robust mobility solutions in the converged campus.

Accenture an HPE's Intelligent Network solution solves:

Provisioning Challenges:

  • Bottlenecks for application / server deployments
  • Network provisioning takes days, weeks, or months
  • Hardware and CLI dependent –"box-by-box"
  • Error prone
  • Complexity and risk to other apps is high
  • High cost and slow rate of hardware innovation

Mobility Challenges:

  • Restricted by physical network topology
  • Bounded by hardware capacity limitations
  • Expensive mitigation is to overprovision on day-1 resulting in stranded resources

Complexity Challenges:

  • Untidy VLAN and firewall rule configuration
  • Dependent on legacy protocols
  • Performance choke points as DCs not built to handle high volumes of East/West traffic
  • Slower server / application agility
  • Slower business innovation
  • High operation support costs

Accenture and HPE's Intelligent Network-as-a-Service transforms IT by speeding delivery of services to the business and reducing operating expenditures with:

  • HPE Flexible Capacity model that embeds HPE hardware, software, and services under an "aaS" model and reduces large upfront capital expenditures
  • Accenture Template-based approach accelerates solution deployment
  • Open standards improve integration with multivendor equipment
  • Accenture's network transformation creates reliable business continuity and processes
  • Accenture delivers network management experience and industrialized delivery
 Accenture.png•     Network transformation design through development of architecture templates

•     Implementation services for enterprises with globally distributed site topologies.

•     Network management services including 5-year operations and L2/L3 support, level-1 thru 3 support.

 HPE.png•     Network transformation design through development of architecture templates

•     Flexible capacity services to enable a "pay-per-active-port" on-premise solution

•     Ongoing technical support and maintenance, including implementation, metering, and capacity management

 PAN.png•     Perimeter and virtualized data center firewall solutions with strong integration into the SDN framework.
 Zscaler.png•     Cloud-based Internet Security services to enable reduction in backhaul requirements to support internet content filtering and robust cloud security solutions.