3 steps to a secure and automated network

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In June 2020, we announced Aruba ESP (Edge Services Platform). This announcement was a culmination of work and innovation that began in 2014 and centered on customers needing to:

  • Deploy, configure, and manage their network at scale from the cloud
  • Use AI to combat sophisticated threats, spot network anomalies, and take action faster than would be possible with humans alone
  • Automate the Edge so that infrastructures at homes, branches, stores, warehouses, or other places could be deployed and managed in a zero-touch manner

While we’ve seen customer interest in these capabilities steadily increase over the past five years, the pandemic has accelerated them, making Aruba ESP even more timely than we ever imagined. And since the announcement, interest in learning more about the platform has been very strong. How can I deploy Aruba ESP? How can AI help optimize network performance while keeping it more secure? And how can the cloud ease my team’s workload even when the workforce is hyper-distributed and more vulnerable to security breaches? These questions made me think that a real-life example—like how we safely return to the office—would help customers understand the capabilities of the platform and would illustrate how cloud, AI, and automation are setting the network up to be the foundation for our new normal.

Networkers' Guide to Architecting Hybrid WorkplaceGiven that Aruba’s CTO, Partha Narasimhan, will be speaking about this at ATM Digital in a few days, I don’t want to repeat the entire keynote here. But just consider how Aruba ESP is making the return to work—and the continuing need for remote workers—what we call the hybrid workplace, a reality. In Partha’s keynote he will show you the 3 critical steps needed to architect your network with a cloud-native platform that sets you up for the “hybrid workplace” so you can:

  • Easily and securely extend the enterprise network to workers’ homes (because we will all be working from home for a while)
  • Use AI to optimize network performance and mitigate security threats
  • Manage the network remotely from anywhere
  • Implement in-office preventive and corrective measures to keep employees and visitors safe, all using the built-in network intelligence that already exists in Aruba’s wireless infrastructure

Join us at ATM Digital for a Networker’s Guide to Architecting the Hybrid Workplace. This is our free online event that is designed to help you set up your organization for future success. In our next blog, we’ll get into the details of Aruba ESP, but I hope to see you at ATM Digital.

Keynote details: August 13 at 10am PDT

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