2019 Project Fair Showcases Creativity and Skills of Aruba Interns

By Sylvia Ruiz, University HR Programs Manager
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On August 9, the Aruba Santa Clara Headquarters was anything but calm. Interns were zipping around the building, setting up demos, practicing their elevator speeches, and even finding tape for last minute paper emergencies. The Aruba Intern Project Fair had finally arrived, and these studious interns were ready to network and show off their projects.

This summer, 65 interns were hosted at Aruba’s Santa Clara headquarters, and each was given an opportunity to work on a season-long project benefiting Aruba and its long-term goals. While the fair provides the opportunity for interns to present on their project, they’re also given a chance to network with more than 350 hiring managers within the company. Aruba executives also walked through the fair to learn more about the interns and all they had accomplished with their respective teams.

The fair was a rigorous event, and each intern created a unique and innovative project board highlighting their deliverables and accomplishments from their internship. Among the group, two winners were chosen to receive the prestigious “People’s Choice Awards.”

And the 2019 winners are…

  • First place: Akshey Nama, WLAN Software Engineering Intern from University of California, Davis
  • Second place: Hunter Stabeno, Marketing Operation Analytics Intern from Texas Tech University

All of the interns worked incredibly hard all summer, and they left their mark on the company with their ideas and ingenuity. To celebrate the success of finishing their projects, they took an all-team trip to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk the day after the fair. The interns concluded their summer journey with Aruba by enjoying a full day at the beach complete with sun, sand, rides on the Giant Dipper, and plenty of unforgettable memories.

We are looking forward to our continued work with these interns, and we hope to see many of them return in the future as interns or full-time employees. Congratulations to each of the 2019 interns, and thank you for your numerous contributions to Aruba!

If you didn’t get a chance to connect with the interns or attend the Project Fair, you can still learn more about their work at Aruba at our Intern Blog series.