6 GHz access point device classes
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Part 2: The Global Race to Authorize Wi-Fi 6E Standard Power and AFC

See the global activity on AFC and Wi-Fi 6E Standard Power in some of the countries, with a focus on the US as the epicenter for the industry efforts thus far Read More

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Aruba Unified Access Points Simplify the Purchase Process

Aruba puts an end to multiple SKUs for APs—and the associated ordering frustration. Read More

4 Key Factors for Wi-Fi 6E WLAN Design

When designing a network for Wi-Fi 6E, you should consider factors such as AP placement, backhaul bandwidth, and AP powering. Read More

Wi-Fi 6E: How AP Discovery Works in 6GHz

6GHz represents the largest allocation of unlicensed bandwidth in history, but it presents a challenge for AP discovery. Read More

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Aruba Sensors: Behind the Scenes (Part 2)

Continue with us on our design journey as we give you a behind-the-curtain look at deployment and package design of Aruba G-Series Sensors. Read More

David WilsonAnalytics and Assurance

Aruba Sensors: Behind the Scenes (Part 1)

Come on our journey and get a behind-the-scenes peak into how our team designed two new products, Aruba G-Series Sensors, which are radically different from their predecessor. Read More

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Why Wi-Fi Certification Really Matters

Wi-Fi certification for the many wireless devices and access points means they will interoperate reliably, securely and according to the standard. Read More

Peter ThornycroftAruba Unplugged

Explaining CBRS and Wireless

Enterprises are looking to CBRS to quickly spin up private LTE/5G networks. Here are 9 concepts you should know. Read More

The Power of OFDMA

A detailed examination of how OFDMA delivers a better user experience for Wi-Fi 6. Read More

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Powerful Insights with the Aruba UXI Sensor

A firsthand look at setting up and using Aruba User Experience Insight. Read More