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Analyze global application outages with Aruba UXI

Following the Halloween trend, October is spooky for some applications. Here is a quick overview of the top 5 outages detected by Aruba UXI in October. Read More

Do you have complete endpoint visibility on your network?

You can use Aruba Client Insights to automatically look for IoT devices that are attempting to connect to your network. Read More

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Is your network IPv6 ready?

Eliminate guesswork about IPv6 network performance with Aruba UXI. Read More

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AIOps and what’s new in Aruba Central

We've been busy: AI is no longer something that IT can’t do without. Read More

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Rapid, location-aware troubleshooting with Aruba Central and Aruba UXI agent for Zebra

Understand where the issue is and locate impacted APs on an intuitive floor map. Read More

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Keep your IT teams ahead of outages with Aruba

In the age of digital acceleration, the cost of not monitoring end-user digital experience is huge! Starting with increased helpdesk calls and frequent truck rolls to higher operational expenses, decreased... Read More

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Quickly validate the impact of network changes with Aruba AIOps

Read how one of our customers leveraged the Aruba Central + Aruba UXI solution to validate the impact of network changes from an end user’s perspective, using AI-powered insights that make the network... Read More

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Stay on top of your SaaS apps with Aruba Central and Aruba User Experience Insight

By using the powerful combination of Aruba User Experience Insight (UXI) and Aruba Central, IT teams gain a precise, end-to-end view of the network – both from the network side and from the point of... Read More

Kent State University delivers connected, immersive experiences with Aruba
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Class is in Session: Kent State University delivers connected, immersive experiences with Aruba

Aruba’s wired, wireless, management and security solutions are critical to Kent State’s technology-informed campus experience. Read More

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Deliver Superior End User Experience Monitoring with Web Application Testing 

Aruba UXI now combines 24x7 automated network testing for greater insight into user experience. Read More