Episode 50: Empowering K-12 students with technology

Technology helps students get excited about learning and enhances the resources for educators. In this episode, we chat with Josh Bauman, Chris Warden, and Cory Smith of the K12 Tech Talk Podcast and find... Read More

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Episode 49: The ongoing digital transformation of Faith Regional Health Services

Shantell Skalberg and Brian Sterud of Faith Regional Health Services talk with Samuel Hill about the digital transformation of health care during the pandemic, digital engagement with patients, and Wi-Fi-bathtubs... Read More

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Episode 48: Local government upgrades network infrastructure without missing a beat

The Town of Newington, Connecticut’s Paul Boutot and Steve Pollock share how their team successfully kept their existing town hall online while bringing their new town hall building online in parallel,... Read More

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Episode 47: Privacy by Design: Best Practices for Embedding Security and Privacy from the Start

With tectonic shifts in the way we live and work, privacy has never been a more relevant and hotly contested topic. It has broad implications within the enterprise spanning topics as diverse as security,... Read More

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Episode 46: Merging the Physical and Digital in Retail with Tractor Supply

Discover how Tractor Supply can offer customers convenience, choice, and safety in a difficult time. Read More

Episode 45: The Impact of Asset Tracking on Healthcare with UW Medical Center

Discover how University of Washington balances conflicting healthcare objectives. Read More

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Episode 44: From Data Centers to Centers of Data with Aruba

The enterprise IT world is in the midst of a shift — from data centers to centers of data. Aruba product experts Steve Brar and William Choe join us to discuss causes, challenges, and solutions in this... Read More

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Episode 43: Connecting the Under-connected

What happens when you don't have an internet connection? Read More

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Episode 42: Smart Living as a Service

lake Miller, founder and CEO of Homebase, joins us to discuss how smart technology is changing the way property owners manage and people live. Read More

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Episode 41: Disney and The Creation of Unforgettable Experiences

In the happiest places on earth, technology plays an essential role—it supports the experience. Read More