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Sam is a highly certified mobility engineer with a passion for all things wireless.

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A return to in-person Atmosphere and the first ever self-locating AP

It’s great to see the trajectory Aruba is on, addressing short term operational needs, while laying the groundwork for more tangible and consistent end user impacting features for future applications Read More


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Dual 5GHz 802.11ax Deployments Will Need Some (Re)Thinking

With new features and flexibility, 802.11ax will make you rethink your 5GHz deployments. Read More


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Let's talk power

Let’s Talk Transmit Power. Let’s Talk EIRP

I distinctly recall the first time I logged into an Aruba controller. It was several years back and I believed that I 'simply' wanted to find out what the transmit power of an existing AP was. Knowing... Read More


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