Dobias van Ingen
CTO & Systems Engineers Director, Aruba

Dobias van Ingen is the EMEA SE Director and CTO for HPE Aruba.

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Wi-Fi 6E in Europe: Frequently Asked Questions

8 things you need to know about Wi-Fi 6E in Europe. Read More


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Aruba Unplugged

6 GHz Spectrum: Wi-Fi’s New Frontier

Europe needs to keep a close eye on the action across the Atlantic. Read More


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Digital Workplace

Lessons in Digital Workplace Transformations

When planning your digital transformation, consider your employees, guests, visitors & “things”. Read More


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Capgemini's Automation Hackathon powered by Aruba

Capgemini’s Automation Hackathon powered by Aruba

The event enabled mixed teams design and build innovative Automation solutions within three themes: Smart buildings, Smart Store, Real-Time Customer Insights.  Read More

My first EMEA Atmosphere

My first EMEA Atmosphere

The first EMEA Atmosphere after 18 years in Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Read More


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The Life of a Network Administrator can Sometimes be Complicated
Enterprise Campus

The Life of a Network Administrator Can Sometimes be Complicated

All these protocols, new features and hardware, each one with their own terms and acronyms and abbreviations. Read More


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