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Wi-Fi calling the next BIG thing

Wi-Fi calling is on its way and its going to be the next BIG thing. Read More


My Bootcamp Experience

This article talks about my experpience with Apple Bootcamp Read More

Atmosphere 2015- Content at Your Fingertips

My Aruba Atmosphere 2015 review

Aruba Atomosphere 2015 Review Read More


The best Windows laptop for a wireless professional is an Apple Mac Book?

Everybody nowadays is searching for the best Windows laptop for the wireless professional, there are so many choices out there, should you get an ultrabook from Dell, HP, Asus, Lenovo. These are all good... Read More


Transitioning from Wi-Fi to Mobility Engineer

Sometimes people take perceived shortcuts, for example that fad diet that promises to help you lose 50 lbs in 3 weeks with no exercise. Read More


Preparing for Airheads

Wow, it’s March already, the year is just flying by, one of my career goals for the year was to be more socially involved,  to network with people in my profession a lot more, and what better  forum... Read More

Craig Schnarrs' experience at the Wireless Lan Professionals Conference

Craig Schnarrs’ experience at the Wireless Lan Professionals Conference

I had the pleasure to attend the Wireless Lan Professionals conference 2014 last week. It was a very exciting event that featured presentations  on various  mobility related topics,  a few of my favorites... Read More